December 2, 2009

The Manly Baby Shower

Ethan Hawke has his hands full while walking in New York City

Why should moms-to-be have all the fun? explores the new trend of throwing baby showers for the daddies-to-be, as seen recently on Platinum Babies on the WE network.

  • Make it a poker night complete with It's a Boy! or It's a Girl! cigars (real or fake)
  • Book a male bonding session on the golf course
  • Have a BBQ in honor of the daddy-to-be 
Gifts for Dads

As modeled on Ethan Hawke above, this carrier is just gender neutral enough for even the manliest of men to wear around town.

This adorable frame might just bring a tear to his eye...

A favorite of Brad Pitt, this is one diaper bag that won't make your guy look like he's carrying around your purse!

1 comments on "The Manly Baby Shower"

Anonymous said...

MY son and his wife had a co-ed baby shower and the men raced to finish their beer as they drank them out of baby bottles. It was such a great photo-op!


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